Montrose marine called on to protect president

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A MONTROSE-born U.S. Marine recently had the honour of guarding President Barack Obama during and official visit to India.

Carletta Mckinney was part of the president’s protection unit during the visit, which was her second stint on Mr Obama’s security squad.

She also provided part of the military guard at the presidential inauguration in Washington when Mr Obama took office in 2008.

Although 23-year-old Carletta’s family now lives in Brooklyn, Maryland, they only moved to the United States when Carletta was five years old and her grandad, Brian Lorimer, still lives in Borrowfield.

She joined the Marines when she was 19 and, at just 4’10”, had her work cut out to succeed in the corps. She received a waiver for her height from the government and excelled in firearms and marksmanship, which led to her being chosen for presidential security duty.

She was seconded for the visit to India from her current posting at the US embassy in Luxembourg, where she will remain until December.

Proud mum Angela, who is from Montrose originally, said the family knew nothing about Carletta’s secondment until after the week-long visit was over.

She said: “She was so proud of it but couldn’t tell us until after the event for security reasons.

“Carletta prides herself in being Scottish and at only 4’10” is a ball of energy.

Carletta is not the only member of her family to pursue a career with the US Marines. Her brother Marcus (27), who was also born in Montrose currently works in the Pentagon in Washington where he was posted last year, after a 12-month tour of duty in Afghanistan.