Montrose PDSA charity shop to close

The Montrose PDSA shop is to close in November
The Montrose PDSA shop is to close in November

A well-loved animal charity shop on the High Street in Montrose is due to close after a long run of 15 years in the town.

The lease for the PDSA shop is due for renewal and, with the rent going up and sales struggling, it has been decided to call it a day.

The shop will shut its doors for the last time in November.

Assistant manager Paul McLaughlin said: “The sales were steady but not exactly setting the world on fire. It doesn’t take much arithmetic to see there was a problem.

“It was on the cards for a while, this was the only shop not to get a refit, all the other branches were improved except this one.

“A lot of my customers have said they are sad to see the shop close.

“Animal lovers in particular come here specially.”

A substantial share of the bill for roof repairs on the building helped the outlet to make the final decision.

There are eight volunteers working at the store and there is a lot of uncertainty over where they will go once the shop is closed.

Mr McLaughlin added: “I am hoping for a transfer to another branch.”

The nearest PDSA shop will now be in the town centre of Arbroath where clothes donations can still be made.

Donations can also be made online.

A PDSA spokesperson said: “We always review the status of our shops whenever leases come up for renewal.

“As a charity retailer, we often have to make difficult decisions to ensure the kind donations we receive are used most effectively, and on this occasion, regrettably, we can confirm that our Montrose shop will be closing permanently on November 2.

“We are extremely grateful for the dedication of all our staff and volunteers, and for the loyalty of our customers in Montrose.”

The charity pays for basic veterinary care for animals whose owners are struggling to pay for veterinary attention.