Montrose sea dog Bamse has his own children’s cartoon adventure!

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A brand new children’s book features the cartoon adventures of Bamse, Montrose’s own heroic St Bernard.

But it was sheer chance that the book came into being at all.

A gentleman named Peter Mandell, from Lincolnshire, explained to the Review: “My wife, Anna and I were passing through Montrose in 2012 and by chance (a quick look on Wikipedia) learned of Montrose’s canine son Bamse.

“Anna and I returned to Montrose some months later and Andrew Orr, the co-author of the Sea Dog book was kind enough to give us a guided tour of ‘Bamse’s Montrose. We were both hooked from then on.

“I knew of an artist named Richard Maby, who is a fellow classic motorbike nut like me and does caricatures of bikes and their riders. I asked him to do a drawing of Bamse with a pram (this is an incident chronicled in Andrew Orr’s book) as a present for Anna. The result was superb and Andrew Orr actually featured it on his Bamse Facebook page.”

Peter and Anna got to thinking that a children’s picture book was possible and ‘Sea Scamp Bamse’ was born.

Peter continued: “Richard Maby has never been involved in anything like this previously, a shame as he is clearly talented. His artwork is fantastic and of a level far in excess of the quality available in much of the children’s titles generally on the shelves these days.”

All involved are looking to book two which they hope will involve Bamse’s adventures generally in the Montrose area. We like to think that the books will be good for bringing awareness of Montrose to people all over the world!

Mr Mandell continued: “Just as an aside, the motorcycle on page 44, VS2606 is my bike. For the buffs it’s a 1934 500cc ‘Cotton’.”

Bamse Came Too ... by Anna Mandell, illustrated by Richard Maby, is published by Bamse Features Ltd and costs £5.99. The book is on sale at Hogg, Newsagent, High Street.