Montrose showing for ‘Trumped’ picture

AT LAST, the international award-winning film, ‘You’ve Been Trumped’, will have a public showing in the town where its producer, Anthony Baxter, lives.

The film will be shown on Wednesday (November 30), at 7.30pm in the Royal Montrose Golf Club.

Mr Baxter will be present at the showing, and will be happy to take part in a question and answer discussion afterwards.

Since ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ was completed in the summer, Mr Baxter has had a demanding travel schedule, attending screenings at film festivals in the UK, the USA and Europe.

His film has picked up several prestigious awards at home and abroad.

And as reported in last week’s Review, this critical acclaim contrasts markedly with the Trump organisation’s branding of the film as ‘failure’ and ‘fraud’.

The film goes out in printed and Internet publicity under the label ‘Montrose Pictures’ and is therefore carrying the town’s name around the world.

This pleases Mr Baxter because, not only is he a resident, but his late mother was a native of the town.

Another local connection is that Richard Phinney, who collaborated with Mr Baxter in producing ‘You’ve Been Trumped’, was, until recently, living with his wife and family in Montrose, They moved to Mr Phinney’s native Canada in the summer. He was an active member of the Royal Montrose Golf Club, warmly remembered as a keen player, a committee member and joint author of the club’s bicentenary history published last year.

• The film has now also won an award from the Scottish Take One Action, whose patron is the filmmaker Ken Loach.

It is the inaugural Audience Award, determined by the votes of some 7,500 people who attended screenings at cinemas across Scotland in 2011.

Take One Action Festival director Simon Bateson said: “You’ve Been Trumped is a moving, brave and provocative film which our audiences have flocked to see – from Inverness to Edinburgh and even at the Scottish Parliament.”