Montrose Together Partnership folds


Montrose Together Partnership has folded owing to dwindling membership numbers.

An emergency general meeting was called on Monday at Montrose Sports Centre to dissolve the group.

Last year, the Partnership was under threat of dissolution, as a result of lack of attendance at its meetings.

After a disastrous annual general meeting in September 2014, which only three people attended, another was held in January 2015 with an increase in numbers.

However, membership fell again and the decision was taken on Monday to call it a day.

Janet Cowan, chairwoman, said: “The numbers just dwindled away to nothing.

“That’s it. It’s no more.

“There was only five of us left - four people from Montrose and one from Craigo.

“I never wanted it to happen like this.

“Over the last two years, it went from great to nothing. We went from 15 people to five. No one was interested.

“There wasn’t anything getting done. There were ideas but we didn’t have the manpower.

“We wanted to do things in the High Street, like put up hanging baskets and put artificial flowers outside the access office.

“It won’t be revived.”

The group’s purpose was to promote the area of Montrose, Ferryden and Hillside for the wellbeing of the local population and visitors and was open to individuals and organisations within those areas.

Its aim was to bring “together public, private, business and voluntary sectors to work in partnership to influence and improve the delivery of public services, develop sustainable economic growth, support and promote voluntary organisations and to retain and advance local heritage and culture for the well-being of the community”.

It had three top priorities for Montrose and the surrounding area, which were civic pride, business development and heritage design/culture and leisure services.

The group, which was previously known as Montrose Area Partnership and Montrose Partnership, was established in February 2002 and relaunched as Montrose Together in 2008.

Janet, who had been on the committee since 2009, said the she feels the best accomplishments the Partnership achieved was installing benches and planters on the High Street, cleaning and painting the closes of Montrose and reinstating the railings outside Montrose Library, which were removed during the Second World War to be melted down to make weapons.