Montrose youngster’s big shave for kids in need of wigs

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A Montrose pupil who attends Lochside Primary School has agreed to have his locks donated to the Little Princess Trust to help another child.

Eight-year-old Riley Hall has fiery red hair that measures 10 inches long and hopes his hair can be made into a wig for another child in need.

His teacher at Lochside, Jane Mitchell, is very proud of her pupil.

She said: “Riley has the loveliest strong red hair colour which will be great for a child of the same colouring.

“Riley initially had some mean comments made about his hair but the children didn’t understand he was growing his hair for a good reason.

“We had an assembly to explain to the school what Riley intends to do and he spoke to the children to ask for sponsorship for the charity.

“The Little Princess Trust makes wigs for children of both sexes that have lost their hair, Riley explained that it is not only sick children that sometimes lose their hair.”

“His class have been very supportive. All of the children are behind him and have sponsored his hair cut.”

Riley’s hair will be tied into plaits before it is cut by his auntie, hairdresser Mandy Wales, sometime this spring.

Riley and his mum, Mhairi Thompson Hall, have already raised more than the original target of £350 and are fast approaching their new revised one of £500.

They hope to be able to raise as much as possible to make a difference to children across the UK.

Mum Mhairi said: “Riley is a little bit apprehensive about the big cut thinking people will now laugh at him for having short hair.

“He says he’s going to wear a hat. He is very excited about all the money kind people have donated and we are really very thankful.”

Riley reckons it has taken a year to grow his hair to its present length and thinks that he might try to grow it long again for another wig.

To sponsor Riley go to the Just Giving page and look for Mhairi Thompson Hall where you will find the event ‘Riley’s Big Hair Cut.’

The Little Princess Trust provides real-hair wigs, free of charge, to boys and girls that have lost their own hair through cancer treatment and other illnesses.