More time granted to save local lizards

Northwater viaduct.
Northwater viaduct.

THE FRIENDS of Angus Herpetofauna (FAH) have been granted one more week to find and save the common lizards that have made the Kinnaber area their home.

Work on the new cycle path, which will stretch from Montrose to the far end of the northwater viaduct, has caused all sorts of problems for those who wish to help the slow-moving lizards to safety.

The FAH originally embarked on their rescue mission some weeks ago in order to move the lizards from the Kinnaber area to those which will be unaffected by the construction work on the £229,000 path.

Contractors have already begun to work on the area by clearing out the gorse scrub that the lizards lived in and the excavation work was due to begin on Monday (April 18). However, the starting date has now been delayed by a week giving the FAH and volunteers more time to find and remove any lizards from harm’s way.

Trevor Rose, who has been coordinating the rescue mission for FAH, said: “There has been a further reprieve for the lizards.

“I’d like to think that this is for our benefit, but I am told the contractor has other work elsewhere.

“We have at least until Monday, April 25, to keep searching.”

Work had already started on the area when Mr Rose noticed that storage units had been placed on the Kinnaber Moor section of the planned cycle path - right in the lizards’ habitat.

He then arranged to meet with the chief engineer of the project and was granted permission to lay mats to entice the lizards so they could be moved.

Angus Council was obligated to accommodate mitigation measures as common lizards are protected against intentional killing and injuring.