Mostly A, B or Cs?

New Year comes along every year. And every year you think about what New Year Resolutions you are going to make this year A) Lose weight, B) Get fit, C) Save money? Most people don’t get past the first week or so.

Lent comes along every year. And every year you think about giving up something that will be A) good for you, B) difficult and C) life changing.

That said, probably more people stick to the period of Lent than keep New Year’s Resolutions.

Easter comes along every year. What do we do for that? A) Devour hot cross buns, B) Consume the chocolate that we perhaps gave up for Lent, C) Enjoy the long holiday weekend

In typical magazine language I wonder if you answered more As, Bs or Cs?

Last Sunday – Easter Day when we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. By dying on the cross, Jesus paid the price for our sins to enable us to have eternal life. He did all this for us.

For you and me that can’t keep a New Year Resolution for more than a few days. For you and me who struggle not to eat chocolate or biscuits during Lent. For you and me who are more than a bit partial to a Hot Cross Bun. For you and me that enjoyed the long weekend. And all he asks in return is for you and me to follow him.

It’s a while till New Year, it’s even longer till the next period of Lent. Easter Sunday is another 360+ days away but we don’t have to wait till next year, Jesus is here now, he is here every day and we can follow him today, tomorrow and every day without having to wait for an excuse or a certain time of the year.

We won’t lose weight, Get fit, save money BUT, it will be good for us, it may still be difficult AND it will certainly be life changing.

Elaine Allan

Montrose Old & St Andrew’s