MP visits Angus roofing business

Mike Weir and John Forster
Mike Weir and John Forster

Angus MP Mike Weir visited Forster Roofing in Brechin, a major player in the roofing and rooftop solar installations, this week to meet Managing Director John Forster and discuss the UK government’s plans to cut Feed in Tarrifs for solar installations.

During the visit Mr Weir also learned more about the company and visited its training facility to meet some of the apprentices that the company has taken on.

Commenting on the visit Mr Weir said he was pleased to visit such a successful company and to learn more about its plans for the future both in the traditional roofing market and in solar roof installations.

He said: “Unfortunately the plans by the UK government to slash Feed In Tarrifs by up to 87 percent are a serious blow to the solar market. This is short sighted and could damage an industry that is making huge strides forward and contributing a great deal to our fight against climate change by providing renewable energy.”

“In response the industry has produced a realistic plan to maintain a successful industry. The UK government must urgently engage with the industry and look again at its proposals. I will continue to push them to do so.”