MSP gives support to nature campaign

Give nature a home!
Give nature a home!

Nigel Don MSP for Angus North and Mearns has given his support to the ‘Give Nature a Home’ campaign, run by RSPB Scotland.

The RSPB held an exhibition inside the parliament building in a bid to encourage people to make their home environment a better place for our wildlife to thrive - whether in the town, city, village or countryside.

The RSPB explained that nature is struggling but that if everyone takes part we can make a real difference.

Mr Don told the Review: “There is a great deal we can each do to help.

“Even the smallest garden will be home to many species of insects, and fungi.

“And because many of these are dependent on particular plants; shrubs, trees, flowers and mosses then everything which we do to add to the variety of our environment helps the wider ecology.

“Bird boxes and bug nests may be the most visible expressions of man made assistance, but every bit helps, and the corner left to go wild is all part of the mix.”

For further information about the Give Nature a Home campaign or to get involved by either downloading or requesting a free handy guide in the post, visit the RSPB’s official website at