Much merry music

THE FEBRUARY meeting of Montrose Accordion and Fiddle Club was held in the Park Hotel and opened with the annual general meeting.

The books showed a healthy bank balance and thanks was given to all the players and supporters.

The results of a review of the decision to hold meetings on the second Sunday of the month were made known and in a vote it was decided to revert to the first Wednesday of the month, starting from April 3.

The entertainment began with Arthur Wood first on stage, accompanied by resident keyboard player Ron Stewart and Gerry Boxall on drums. Toes were tapping to a fine set of tunes. Cora Nicol followed with a nice set of waltzes.

Special guests for the evening were top accordionist Johnny Duncan and acclaimed Friockheim drummer Graham Sherrit. What a varied and well produced performance which was greatly appreciated by an at tentative audience.

After a break for the raffle and refreshments, Bill Mackie gave a selection on button box. He was followed by Ally Rennie who gave a selection of sing-along tunes on the ‘moothie’.

A welcome visitor to the club was Tom Moffat, who borrowed Johnny Duncan’s box to give a couple of sets which delighted the audience.

Johnny and Graham gave another great performance and brought to a close another session of music.

The club will celebrate its 30th anniversary at the March meeting. All are welcome to come along and join in with Steven Carcary and his band.