Much on agenda at Hillside meeting

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GILL Davies presided at the March meeting of Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council, and introduced two items about flooding.

The community council has had frequent discussions about a matter concerning a private road at Lower Logie, within Craigo Estate.

Angus councillor David May said a site meeting had taken place on February 22.

Jim Atkinson then gave a report, indicating that some of the ditches had been cleared but that they were full of static water which is at a higher level than the river, and which is causing problems to the adjacent properties.

Mr Edward Russell felt that the water is not static and is actually draining away, admittedly very slowly.

Angus councillor Bill Duff said this is a debate between two landowners and therefore is not directly a matter for the community council, although it can offer advice.

Councillor May said that Langley Construction has some work still to do at the fish weir [which is accessed by the road in question] but these are subject to weather conditions.

Regarding the other flooding matter, Councillor May indicated that the excess surface water at various parts of the Main Road in Hillside are being monitored and he suggested that the committee wait until these investigations are complete.

Turning to the ongoing playpark debate, the convener of neighbourhood services will meet Montrose councillors in the summer.

Some committee members felt that any survey of playpark usage should be conducted over seven days, not just during weekdays.

Efforts continue to facilitate the removal of a large number of scrap tyres dumped at Northwater-bridge by persons unknown. Councillor Duff has passed the landowner’s name to the appropriate council department.

Councillor May said that he had contacted Invicta about a supposed Sainsbury’s meeting in March, but as no-one had returned his call he presumed the meeting had been cancelled.

He added that there is some issue regarding the ownership of part of the land and this may be delaying the start of building, as the planning application has already been passed.

Members asked that the outstanding roadworks along from Hillside Hotel are checked on as they are taking some time to complete.

It transpires that the potholes on the Kinnaber Road, adjacent to the Distillery, are on the list of major repairs to be done in the area. Councillor Duff asked that any further issues on related subjects are forwarded to him and he will pass them on.

PC Tracy Brown advised that surveillance is still ongoing in the grounds of the former Sunnyside Royal Hospital and that the general public should remain vigilant and telephone police if they have any concerns.

The treasurer said the bank balance is £1,165.70, but two cheques have not yet been presented.

The next meeting is tonight (Wednesday) at 7.30pm in Hillside Village Hall.