Much to discuss at Ferryden meeting

The September meeting of Ferryden and Craig Community Council heard that flood prevention leaflets are printed and ready to be distributed.

The community council no longer has pupil representation, and Gordon Paterson will write to Ferryden Primary and Montrose Academy about this.

Potholes are opening up along the main road into village, and no action seems to have taken place on the areas previously marked in yellow. It was noted as being dangerous for cyclists.

A number of animals are reported stolen in the Dunninald area and Constable Alistair Hutchison asked everyone to be vigilant and report incidents to police on 101.

There have been thefts from fishing vessels moored at the North quay.

Ferryden Primary is interested in a small boat being filled with plants at the school. The plan is to have this in place by the spring.

There has been “no movement” on erosion under the railway bridge. It is understood that no timetable is in place for the work, but all land-owners have been identified and are being asked to contribute to the cost.

Councillor Bill Duff reported that a temporary repair has been undertaken to alleviate flooding at King Street.

Re double yellow lines at William Street, Councillor Duff has attended with a roads officer and community council members. ‘Keep Clear’ has been painted as an interim measure, and a traffic order raised. However, it was reported at the meeting that cars continue to park actually on the sign.

There was concern about the drop-down kerbs installed in Grampian Gardens in the summer. It was said that the new areas have not been sealed to the surrounding pavements and as a result rainwater runs down the driveways and goes under the repair works. The concern is that if this happens in winter and freezes, the ice will expand and crack the tarmac.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on October 2 at Inchbrayock Church Hall.