Murray Lane highlighted for conservation

AN UPDATE on Montrose Town Centre Conservation Area was given to the community council on Thursday by Kirsty Macari and Roy Madden from Angus Council’s planning and conservation department.

Ms Macari explained to the meeting in the Academy that there were 12 amendments to the original boundary of the area.

Eleven of the 12 were very minor and involved changes of only a few feet, to go round a garden rather than through it, for example.

The final one, to make the boundary go through the centre line of Murray Lane did cause some comment, however, from Mr Sandy Munro, Montrose Society.

He told the meeting: “Murray Lane still has some of its original cobbled paving.

“But this is not enforced, and some areas have been tarred.”

Mr Munro expressed his belief that the whole of Murray Lane should be returned to cobblestones.

He also expressed disappointment about what he saw as clear breaches of conservation legislation and cited a window which had been replaced with double-glazing which did not take into account the astragals that the original window had. The matter had been reported some time ago but to no avail.

He also named a shop where an illuminated sign had been erected contrary to planning guidelines, but some eight months later it was still there.

Mr Madden added that there are several other areas of Montrose which deserve to have conservation status conferred on them, naming the Links as one such, and the dock area as another. He also suggested that the area of Southesk School deserved consideration.

Ms Macari said that consideration had indeed given to such areas, but the brief was to concentrate on the core area.

Comment sheets are available in Montrose Library, and will be available until the end of public consultation on February 21.

Police update

Inspector Gordon Cryle provided the community council with an update of police matters.

He warned that there had been problems recently with people having their plastic cards ‘compromised’ by skimming devices, and having had money taken from them in the Strathclyde area.

He asked the public to be exceptionally vigilant when using ATMs at banks and supermarkets, and added that he has asked the providers of these machines to check them regularly.

Inspector Cryle told of a distraction theft in which an elderly lady’s handbag had been stolen. However, arrests had been made in connection with such offences, and there have been no more incidents since then.

He added that attention is again being given to people parking illegally on zig-zag lines outside schools.