My first MoFest experience

This weekend was the busiest and liveliest I have seen Montrose since moving here 10 months ago, and I thought it was fab!

It was great to see so much life in the town and everybody smiling, dancing and having a good time.

There needs to be that kind of energy in Montrose more often.

I wouldn’t say I was a die hard Quo fan, but I was dancing and singing along with everyone else in the crowd.

They really knew how to get the audience going and their guitar riffs were incredible, as well as the awesome drum solo.

I’ve had ‘Whatever You Want’ and ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’ stuck in my head since Friday night.

Although, I keep thinking of that advert from the 1990s or early 2000s that had ‘Whatever You Want’ as it’s tag line. I think it was one of those sofa companies that always has a sale on. You know the ones that say their sale is ending the next day and to get down quick to bag a sofa at a discount price, but you know they have another one starting the day or week after?

I’m looking forward to what next year’s MoFest can bring. I hope the team could grant me one request, can Paolo Nutini headline? I love his voice.