My tights are against me!

Everyday for the last week every time when I have put on a pair of tights they have split.

In the last week I have gone through more than 10 pairs! My bin is now full of tights with ladders, hole and clicks.

I swear my tights are conspiring against me!

In one morning I went through three pairs of tights, one had a hole in the toe, another in the knee, the next pair split as I pulled them up and finally the fourth pair were fine. But I was nervous wearing them.

I’ve resorted to putting my tights on last otherwise I’m teetering around the house as I get ready and try to avoid getting another ladder and going through another three pairs.

On Monday morning I went through another two, the first pair got a ladder as I pulled them up and the second had a hole in the heel. In the end I resorted to wearing a pair of leggings.

It’s not like they’re all really old pairs - some of them are new and I went for the more expensive pair hoping that they would fair better. What a waste of money that was!

If you see me walking around Montrose with a holey pair of tights then I’ve given up on fighting with them. Maybe I should just stick to wearing trousers.