Mystery building is McKenzie’s Mill

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WHAT a response we have had from readers to our query in last week’s Review about the identity and location of the Montrose Memories picture!

You may remember that the picture was used by kind permission of photographer Neil Werninck, and had been taken by his father on a glass plate in the 1950s.

It is featured on Neil’s Facebook page among a number of other ‘mystery photos’.

So what is the building and where was it?

One of the first to tell us that it was McKenzie’s flour mill was Mrs Jean Donald, who added that is was near Alfred Street/Railway Place.

Jim Stott is a retired electrician who worked for Colin Wood. He had occasionally worked at the flour mill in the 1960s, maintaining new plant. He identified the location as beside the old Caledonian Railway Station, and pointed out that you can see some of the rails in the foreground.

Sophia McDonald said she passed the mill every day on her way to work. Lorries used to use a gate on the left.

James Thomson was able to add to the railway aspect, telling us that the book ‘Lost Railways of Angus and Kincardine’, published by Stenlake, has on page 29 a view of the Caledonian Station with McKenzies’ mill to its right. (The book is available from Henry Hogg, bookseller, High Street.)

Jim Milne has an anecdote about the concrete flour silo, which still exists, and now bears numerous aerials. Twenty to 30 years ago a white cat belonging to Mr Livingston, newsagent, New Wynd, got stuck on top of the silo and, despite having a diet of pigeons to live off, was rescued by the RSPCA off a beam which extends out the top of the structure.

The Muster Roll of Angus for the Boer War throws up an intriguing entry, as it records the death of John McKenzie, son of William McKenzie, Academy Flour Mills, Montrose. It is hard not to believe that this is the same mill