Mystery of poisoned dog

A TALE of a poisoned Jack Russell was related in the Review office on Monday, told by a lady who is nursing her dog back to health.

The lady, who asked not to be named, said that last Tuesday morning she had been exercising the two-year-old dog on the Links, near the foot of Christie’s Lane beside the Millennium Wood.

However, her pet then became ill and had to be taken to the vet, who prescribed medicine which, fortunately, seems to have done the trick.

Our reader says she was told that the cause of the ailment was a poison frequently used to control the rabbit population, and that there had been other cases of similar poisoning.

She said: “My dog is very interested in rabbits. He would definitely be where they had been, and could have picked up the poison then.”

The lady continued: “I hope you can find out who has been laying poison because I wouldn’t want anyone else’s pet to go through what mine did.

“I had to take time off work to look after him.”

The Jack Russell, incidentally, is named ‘Puppy’ despite being two years old. The lady explained that he had been a ‘rescue dog’ and had been called puppy in the kennels - and that is the only name he answers to.

The land in question is owned by Angus Council, and we asked if any rabbit control operations had been conducted in the area by them. A spokeswoman said that this was definitely not the case.

So the mystery remains.

Has rabbit poison been laid in a way that allows other animals access to it? Or is it possible that the poison was picked up by the dog in some other way?