National Walk to School Week

National Walk to School Week runs from Monday (May 19) until May 23 and hopes to get families out of cars and buses and onto the pavements.

NHS Tayside’s Paediatric Overweight Service (POST) is encouraging families across the region to get involved in the Walk to School Week in a bid to get children more active.

Dr Laura Stewart, POST team lead, said: “Walking with your children to school is a positive and enjoyable activity.

“Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day and the journey to and from school is an ideal time for children to be active.

“Parents who regularly walk with their children to school say that this is where they learn most about their child’s life, so it a great opportunity to spend quality time with them.

“We would encourage parents to try walking at least part of the journey, whether it is parking a bit further away and walking the last part or even just walking one way. Walking is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose!”

To highlight just how much exercise children need, Laura explains: “To use up the energy found in a small 200ml carton of orange juice, a child would need to walk at a moderate pace of three miles per hour for around 45 minutes or for as long as one hour 35 minutes to burn the energy from an average 45g bar of chocolate.”

POST offers free services to families with children aged between two and 15 years-old who need support managing their weight.

To find out more about POST’s services, or if anyone is concerned about their child’s weight, you can contact POST in confidence on 01738 473784 or or visit their website

Living Streets’ Walk to School campaign reaches over 13 million people, making it one of the UK’s leading behaviour change campaigns for young people.

The organisation works directly with over 750,000 children in 2,000 schools and every year thousands more take part in the national schemes and events we run, including Walk once a Week (WoW) and Walk to School Week.

See more by visiting the website at for further information and tips on walking to school safely.