New £3.4 million spine road

Location plan for South Montrose Spine Road
Location plan for South Montrose Spine Road

A new spine road costing £3.4 million could be built at the south side of Montrose as part of plans to boost the area.

A planning application has been submitted for the South Montrose Spine Road to create a new connection between Hill Street, River Street and Ferry Street.

South Montrose, with its good sea, road and rail links, as well as its harbour facilities and local businesses, including pharmaceutical giants GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), has been recognised as a major asset for both Montrose and Angus.

The new spine road is part of the South Montrose Regeneration Project.

An Angus Council spokesperson said: “The proposed regeneration of South Montrose aims to attract investment, creating new commercial opportunities and jobs to support and sustain the Montrose and wider Angus economy.

“The £3.4 million development of a new spine road will improve access to the port, GSK and the wider port area, making the site a more attractive and viable investment proposition.”

The formation of the new access road will include improving the existing sections of the road and the creation of new road sections and footways, as well as the demolition of buildings for the alignment of new road sections.

In November, GSK announced a £25 million investment into its Montrose site on Cobden Street for the production of the ingredients for four new pharmaceutical products

John Swinney, Finance Secretary at Holyrood, announced that Scottish Enterprise was backing the investment by awarding £1.5 million to Angus Council to improve the access to GSK and the area surrounding it, including Montrose Port.

This was on top of the £2.7 million already ring-fenced by the local authority.