New blazers at Montrose Academy to mark bicentenary year

S5 pupils Logan Petrie and Ellie Stephen wearing the new blazer
S5 pupils Logan Petrie and Ellie Stephen wearing the new blazer

Montrose Academy has made changes to its uniform to mark its bicentenary this year with a new blazer being introduced to the attire.

The idea came following a consultation with students, parents and staff and all year groups will wear the same uniform.

Rector of the Academy Dr John Cavanagh said: “Following a wide consultation, a large majority of pupils, staff and parents all agreed that uniform enhances the school ethos and makes a significant contribution to the purposeful, hard-working mind-set we are trying to encourage in the school.

“The results of the consultation indicated a significant majority of the school community wanted consistency across all year groups in terms of what is worn by pupils.

“Furthermore, there was a strong appetite among pupils, parents and staff for blazers to be part of the expected standard of uniform.

He added: “In this our bicentennial year, the re-introduction of a modern blazer for all year groups is a fitting tribute and recognises both the traditions of the past and promise of the future.

“Blazers purchased between May and December will be embroidered with 1815 to 2015, to commemorate the bicentenary, ensuring that our current pupils feel part of what is a very significant event in both the school and wider community’s history.”

Pupil council

The idea for the changes was spearheaded by the pupil council at Montrose Academy, which has been formed this year.

Four students from each year sit on the council as the voice of the school. This is the first pupil council at the school - there was previously a student senate but it disbanded about two years ago.

Georgia Fullerton, S3 student and member of the pupil council, said: “It is clear that school uniform is something the pupils and teachers of Montrose Academy feel strongly about, as it makes pupils look responsible and proud of their appearance.

“It also indicates respect for the school and an appreciation of the value of education.

“Reinforcing, and slightly altering, the school uniform reduces the amount of pressure put on parents when their children ask to wear what they want to school or demand the newest trends.

“Wearing the correct uniform sets a good image of the school to the public, and shows how smart the pupils of Montrose Academy really are.”

The new uniform will be launched in upcoming assemblies.

To mark the school’s 200th birthday, on the weekend of June 19 to 21 there will be a roller disco in the school canteen and carnival adjacent to the Academy on the Friday and the town’s annual It’s A Knockout competition on the Saturday.