New initiative to promote Montrose sculptor William Lamb

Norman Atkinson, Councillor David May and Sandy Munro in the William Lamb Studio.
Norman Atkinson, Councillor David May and Sandy Munro in the William Lamb Studio.

A move is afoot to improve the promotion of the William Lamb Studio and of his sculptures.

To this end, a meeting was held on Wednesday in Lamb’s Studio, amid many of his sculptures.

Present were Sandy Munro, from the Montrose Society and Heritage Trust, Councillor David May and Norman Atkinson, chairman of the Friends of William Lamb.

Mr May said there is a need for a comprehensive guide to the Lamb statues placed around the town: “This studio and the works within really are a hidden gem. A guide to the history of the characters and the places Lamb depicted would be enlightening for the local public and tourists.

“The story of Lamb should be told through his sculptures because the stories are fascinating.

“At the Van Gogh museum, for instance, a guide takes you from one work to another, using the history and subject matter in the paintings to tell the story of the artist. This would be a great idea for Montrose and Lamb.”

Funding for leaflets and information boards would be from Angus Council and the Lamb trail would come to life and keep a steady flow of tourist traffic from the harbour to the museum and the studio.

Ferryden already has leaflets to guide tourists through the different parts of the village and enhance their experience of the place.

Another idea is to open up the annual Friends of William Lamb Sculpture Competition to pupils from schools across Angus instead of just Montrose. It was hoped a suitable grand prize could be sourced and offered to the winner at Academy level.