New initiative to spread sign language literacy

A NEW initiative to encourage employees to take up deaf, disability and equality awareness is available in Montrose.

Award winning Signs4Life plan workshops in deaf, visual impairment and disability awareness to help staff communicate with deaf (and hard of hearing), blind (and partially sighted) and disabled colleagues, service users and clients. Signs4Life deliver dyslexia, understanding Aspergers syndrome and autism information and access days.

Signs4Life’s Fozia Parveen said: “You never know when you will meet a customer, a colleague or member of the public who is deaf, visually impaired or autistic. We work with organisations as varied as supermarkets, Air Cadets, care homes, opticians, schools, and holiday parks. Each of our certificated courses help you comply with the Disability Discrimination Act and meet your corporate responsibility. This is a great opportunity to introduce disability awareness to the workplace.” Fozia has a sister who was born partially deaf and autistic which encouraged her to learn sign language.

Signs4Life leads efforts to see a society in which deaf and disabled people have full access and are working to raise awareness of hearing impairment and disability. The organisation is behind campaigns to introduce sign language into the education system alongside other languages like French and Spanish and baby signing classes for parents and baby groups in nurseries and children’s centres. For information about the Signs4Life employee courses in Montrose contact Fozia on 07964 019 764 or visit the website