New James Morrison exhibition at Montrose Musuem

James Morrison
James Morrison

Montrose Museum has welcomed back the renowned Scottish artist James Morrison to the gallery with his latest exhibition.

‘Paintings of War’ will be on display until Saturday, August 22.

Whilst Morrison is best known for his Angus landscapes, the paintings in this exhibition are a response to the tragedies of the First World War and originate from events past and present in the artist’s family.

The paintings in this exhibition draw on the First World War to communicate to those who contemplate them.

The titles of the paintings refer to the land, to the destruction and ravaging of the world.

All the destruction, all the millions who died and the suffering, both personal and universal, is expressed in the parallel destruction of the land.

Human beings not only suffer in these paintings – they cause the suffering. They destroy our world.

The exhibition does not illustrate the events of the First World War, or depict individual persons or experiences of that time – the suffering they show is both more personal and universal than a single war.

James Morrison was born in 1932 and brought up in Glasgow, attending Glasgow School of Art from 1950.

His painting has always focused on subjects drawn from personal experience, from his 1950s Glasgow tenement paintings to West Highland, Arctic landscapes and those which celebrate the beauty of the Angus landscape and skies.

Admission to Montrose Musuem is free and it is open Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm.

For more info email or ‘phone 01674 673232.