New junction layout criticised

MEMBERS of Montrose Community Council were unanimous at their recent meeting in condemning the altered mini-roundabout and lane changes at the junction of Newhame Road with Northesk Road.

Complaints included the extra lane that had been built, north-bound, which was adequate for cars but which could cause problems when a commercial vehicle was involved.

And whilst it was accepted that the north-bound lay-out had been successful in slowing traffic down, vehicles going south were now travelling faster than before.

Angus councillor David May told members that he had heard disquiet on the subject and had contacted officials responsible. He had been told that the situation was being monitored.

Mr Tommy Stewart, chairing the meeting, asked how this was being done because he had never seen anyone appearing to do so.

It was agreed that a site meeting, including roads department officials, would be a good way forward.