New look for Grand Saloon at the House of Dun

The Grand Saloon, the House of Dun
The Grand Saloon, the House of Dun

A recent major rebranding of the House of Dun has resulted in several original features being reinstated in two of the rooms.

A lost pair of pier mirrors that had been missing for many years have been researched, commissioned, remodelled and placed on the walls of the Grand Saloon, reflecting the glorious ornate plasterwork friezes that feature there.

John McKenna, property manager, said: “The mirrors were in the original Palladian designs drawn up by William Adam, the celebrated architect, for the House of Dun in the 1730s but the mirrors went missing until part of the mouldings were found filed away in the National Trust vaults at Marr Lodge.”

With careful research and using very old photographs, over four years the mirrors were rebuilt and now make sense of the perfectly symmetrical saloon that can these days be used for weddings.

In the great dining room the original collection of family portraits have been recovered from other parts of the house and rearranged according to photographs from a hundred years ago, in their original positions.

The collection is very special because the portraits were nearly all painted between the 18th and 20th century in situ at the house and show the actual furnishings and decor that can still be seen in the rooms.

Each painting seems to gaze across the room at another member of the Erskine family and conceals the mysteries and secrets of the family.

The House of Dun is a Montrose tourist gem.

John said: “We want to link Dun more closely with the town community activities and cross-reference other attractions such as the William Lamb studio.

‘‘We’ve planned events for the summer that will appeal to all ages.”

The house tour is pitched at adults while children on the tour are invited to search for the fairy in each room.

The revamped tearoom is open for delicious cakes and coffees and the shop has items of local interest for sale as well as National Trust goodies.