New room has positive impact on children at Montrose pre-school

The pre-school class has been given a change of room at St Margaret's School.
The pre-school class has been given a change of room at St Margaret's School.

A change of room for a Montrose pre-school class has had a positive impact on the children, according to the Care Inspectorate.

An unannounced inspection was carried out in October at St Margaret’s RC Pre School class and the report was released this month.

The pre-school was rated very good for quality of care and support, environment and staffing, however it only scored adequate for quality of management and leadership.

The report stated: “There was a very warm, caring atmosphere in the service and all of the staff were welcoming of the children and parents/carers. The nursery was very much a part of the whole school environment and parents valued this aspect of the service.

“The manager and staff worked hard to provide a warm, nurturing and welcoming ethos in the nursery. Staff knew the children and families very well and provided good support when needed.

“The quality of children’s experiences was very good, they had daily opportunities for outdoor play, as well as challenging, motivational projects while indoors.”

Since the last inspection in November 2012, the nursery has been relocated to a new room within the school.

A toilet was built in the new room, allowing children to use the facility without being escorted by an adult.

The inspector noted: “This has increased children’s opportunities for independence through self -help skills.

“The staff team worked very hard committing their own time to relocate and reestablish the nursery prior to the children returning after a school break.

“These changes all had a positive impact of the quality of children’s experiences and outcomes.

‘‘They were now cared for in an environment that allowed them to develop independence skills while not interrupting the full group of children.”

The report added staff “involve parents/carers and children in all aspects of service delivery, for example, children were asked to suggest colours for the new playroom and parents were routinely asked for suggestions or comments about the service”.

It suggested: “The manager and staff should now consider introducing and further developing systems that will allow them to assess and evaluate all aspects within the Early Learning and Childcare setting.”