New surfaces for two roads in Montrose

Whinfield Road has a new road surface
Whinfield Road has a new road surface

Two streets in Montrose have new surfaces thanks to a local councillor campaigning for action.

Montrose Liberal Democrat councillor David May urged Angus Council to do something about the state of Baillie Norrie Crescent and Whinfield Road.

Thanks to his diligence the two roads now have new surfaces.

Mr May said: “Having campaigned for the much needed resurfacing of Baillie Norrie Crescent, Borrowfield, and Whinfield Road in Montrose, and also contacting the roads department for long term action, I am delighted to see that both roads have now been resurfaced.

“Although there was some disruption for a few days it has already meant much better surface for those using these roads and especially for local residents.

“In the case of the Whinfield Road, which is a main route for many from the north of the town to the golf course and the beach , there has been in past few years considerable complaints from local people about pot holes, and this resurfacing has already been welcomed.”

In March, £555,000 had been spent repairing potholes on roads in Montrose and Brechin over this financial year by Angus Council.