New Trust for Angus culture and leisure?

Angus Council is to move forward on plans to create a new trust, following budgetary discussions.

Under this new trust, leisure and culture services would be grouped together and operate independently.

Facilities, such as the Montrose Museum, library and sports centre would potentially be placed into a charitable trust, which would take over the running of these attractions.

The created body would then be a legal entity, able to negotiate contracts, own property and employ staff. Estimates vary on figures, but Angus Council could be looking at extensive annual savings on rates and miscellaneous expenditure.

Such an approach would bring Angus Council into line with many other local authorities in Scotland, including Dundee City, and a full council meeting has already taken place this month, where a private report was considered.

The report covered the methodology of how culture and leisure services would be delivered going forward.

At this stage, it is impossible to predict how this might affect council staff and whether any job losses or closure of venues would result.

At the time of writing, no-one had as yet approached the relevant GMB union with any concerns.

Council employees have attended a series of meetings, which concluded on the week ending December 19. The council is now expected to release detailed proposals to the wider community.

Currently, there are eight sport and leisure facilities, five museums, seven libraries and six town halls, all being maintained by Angus Council.