New vessel gets straight to work!

A new lifeboat made a splash on its first day of operation after being called into action just minutes before it was officially launched.

The ‘Class D David A. Kennedy’ inshore lifeboat at Montrose Harbour debuted before its official dedication after two members of the sailing club became disorientated in the thick fog which covered Montrose Basin on Saturday afternoon.

Dignitaries were gathered at the harbour to witness the staged launch of the new vessel but got the chance to see the boat dive into real-time action before it was officially christened.

The incident occurred during a regatta held by Montrose Sailing Club at the basin.

The thick fog led to an official race being cancelled but the adult members were still offered the chance to go out onto the water for a smaller run.

Five vessels and the club’s safety boat took to the basin during a period of improved visibility, but two dinghies were isolated when a thick blanket of mist returned without warning.

The new lifeboat crew were alerted after attempts by members of the club to signal the boats back in were unsuccessful, and all parties were towed back to shore in their dinghies by the new lifeboat and a crew from HM Coastguard Montrose.