NHS Tayside’s public partners praised for performance

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Public partners who work with NHS Tayside to share their views on health-related topics have been praised for the significant contribution they make to improve services.

NHS Tayside public partners are members of the public who are interested in health and health-related issues. The public partners participate in a number of activities arranged by NHS Tayside, where they are given the opportunity to share their views and contribute to decision making to help develop and improve health services.

NHS Tayside public partners have been in place since 2003 and there are currently around 40 members.

In the last year, the public partners have engaged on a wide variety of projects or topics, including Power of Attorney, improvements to dental health and services, review of information leaflets and health and social care integration.

Public partners are also involved in a number of committees and groups across the region, including the Patient and Public Reference Group for Medicines, Modern Apprentice in Care Steering Group and the GP Advisory Group.

The ongoing and significant contribution made by the public partners was highlighted in the recent NHS Tayside Public Partners annual report.

NHS Tayside public involvement manager Allyson Angus said: “NHS Tayside is committed to involving patients and the public in the planning, delivery and development of services. Our group of public partners gives ordinary people the chance to work in partnership with NHS Tayside and to become involved in the decision making processes.

“We are very grateful to the dedicated members of the public partners who give their time and commitment to improve health services for everyone living in Tayside.”

Public partner Linda Gray added: “Being a public partner is a very rewarding and informative experience. It gives us the chance to share our views about a wide range of issues and also hear about the positive work being carried out across NHS Tayside.”

Anyone who would like to register or would like further information on NHS Tayside public partners should contact Audrey Lindsay, public involvement coordinator, on 0800 7836110 or email gettinginvolved.tayside@nhs.net