NHS Tayside urges smokers to stub out smoking this New Year

NHS Tayside is urging people start to 2016 by giving up smoking.
NHS Tayside is urging people start to 2016 by giving up smoking.

NHS Tayside is urging people to make a healthy start to 2016 by giving up smoking for good.

As many people are setting their New Year’s resolutions to change their life for the better, NHS Tayside is reminding smokers that help is at hand to stub out the habit.

A spokesperson said: “NHS Tayside Smoke Free Services teams can offer advice and support to anybody who would like to quit and we would urge people to work with us to improve their health.

“Smoking is a serious issue and has long been considered the biggest single cause of preventable ill health and premature death in Scotland.

“Giving up smoking is the single most important lifestyle decision that anyone can make to improve their health immediately.”

All Tayside Community Pharmacies now provide free specialist smoking cessation services on a one-to-one basis over a 12-week period.

Health benefits to quitting smoking are:

· 20 minutes after quitting your blood pressure and pulse return to normal

· 48 hours - no nicotine is left in your body. Your senses of taste and smell are greatly improved

· 72 hours - your breathing becomes easier and your energy levels increase

· 2-12 weeks after quitting smoking your circulation improves and exercise can be easier

· 3-9 months - any coughs, wheezing and breathing problems improve

· Within one year the risk of heart attack is halved

· Within 10 years the risk of lung cancer is halved and the risk of heart attack is at the same level

as non-smokers

· Medium to long term – stopping smoking at any age increases your life expectancy, provided you stop before the onset of serious disease. Even if you have developed a disease, you can benefit from stopping as your body will be under less strain and be able to fight it more easily.

The spokesperson added: “The new NHS Tayside ‘Value Your NHS’ campaign encourages patients, carers, staff and the general public to make the best use of the services we provide to ensure we can continue to deliver person-centred, safe and effective treatment and care into the future.

“ It’s your NHS – you can help us to make use of our resources better. Everyone can make a difference. Tell us what the NHS means to you and your family and use the hashtag #lovenhstayside.”

Anyone who wants to stop smoking can call NHS Tayside Smoke Free Services on 0845 600 999 6 to find out about all the ways in which NHS Tayside can help support people to become smoke free.

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