No interest noted in town hotel

THE CORNER House Hotel remains on the market with little interest by prospective buyers since a bid late last year.

Insolvency company Henderson Loggie hope that interest in the premises will pick up now that spring is approaching, but admit that they have had no recent enquiries.

In December, ex-pat Graeme Hetherington had his bid for the £295,000 property rejected.

He had made the decision to place an offer for the hotel after a visit to the town left him “gobsmacked” when he realised that the business had closed.

At the time he said: “It was sad to see how far the building had been allowed to fall into disrepair.

“It all looks a bit sad. Of course any place that is empty but was once vibrant will look a little sad.”

He added: “I put a bid through the Edinburgh selling agents, which went to the Dundee administrators and, despite the fact that this property needs over six figures spent on it I was disappointed that my bid was turned down.”

Rose Crawford, insolvency manager for Henderson Loggie in Dundee, said: “Mr Hetherington was fully advised to the reasons about why his bid was rejected.

“It was an exceptionally poor offer and we were recommended by the selling agents not to accept it.”

Ms Crawford confirmed that there has been little interest since Mr Hetherington’s offer.

She added: “There has been nothing new and no interest has been expressed in the property.

“We are hoping that this might pick up and there will be more interest in the hotel now that we are coming into spring.”

The hotel was placed on the market in August last year and it was initially hoped that the property would attract considerable interest.

Twelve members of staff lost their jobs when the business went into liquidation in July and Ms Crawford said a variety of factors contributed to the closure.

Like many hotels and pubs, trade took a hit when the smoking ban was introduced and custom was lost when the old bingo hall was converted into licensed premises.

Alastair and Irene Belford took over the Corner House Hotel 12 years ago after Alastair spent 12 years in the army catering corps.

The couple then worked as stewards at various golf clubs including the Victoria Golf Club and the Royal Montrose in the town.

The loss of the 14-bedroom hotel, which also has a dining room and function suite, followed the closure of the 21-bedroom Royal Hotel in Forfar two weeks previously when a further 20 jobs were lost.