No way Spitfire Way says Angus Council

Councillor David May has expressed great disappointment that the suggestion to give the name Spitfire Way to the road through Broomfield Industrial Estate was voted down by Angus Council’s infrastructure services committee last Tuesday.

At present the road has no name, and is known only as the street it comes off, Broomfield Road.

All four Montrose councillors, Messrs May, Bill Duff, Paul Valentine and Mark Salmond, were in favour of naming the road Spitfire Way, as a tribute to the Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre.

Access to the Centre is from the unnamed road, and Spitfire Way would have been a surefire way to guide visitors to it. At the meeting Mr May said: β€œThe Air Station Heritage Museum has made massive progress over the years in creating a wonderful tourist attraction and the naming of the street, Spitfire Way would be a fitting tribute to this, especially as they are planning to have replica Spitfire as a new attraction for visitors.”

He acknowledged that there would be implications for the businesses located at Broomfield in terms of stationery and post-codes but added: β€œ ... this could perhaps be done over time as they have to replace exhausted stocks of stationery.”

The Review supported the naming of the road Spitfire Way, and is surprised by its rejection.