Nostalgic trip back to the 1970s

One of the exhibits at The Meffan which is rekindling memories.
One of the exhibits at The Meffan which is rekindling memories.

The first exhibition of 2015 at The Meffan in Forfar is an unashamedly nostalgic trip back to the 1970s; the decade that gave us the ‘Winter of Discontent’ and the heat-wave of ’76.

Musically the ’70s gave us such diversity as disco, punk and glam rock and it has been described as the decade that taste forgot.

The exhibition includes photographs from the museum collection that came from the Forfar Times, a newspaper which ran during the 1970s.

On display is a selection of 1970s costume to remind you of the fabulous fashions of the time. Also on show are toys, games, books and records and an assortment of household furnishings including some eye-popping wallpaper. Also featured is a range of technological items such as cameras, calculators, record and cassette players and a futuristic looking TV and 8-track player, all of which were cutting-edge technology and the must-have gadgets of the time.

So go along and see some sensational ’70s objects, artworks, and photographs; an exhibition that is sure to appeal to those who remember the decade and fascinate those who missed it. The exhibition runs until Saturday, March 21, admission free.