Not a hit-and-chug accident after all!

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LAST WEDNESDAY, a corner of the railing protecting pedestrians at the bridge over the River Esk was mangled by a passing vehicle.

There was much speculation among subsequent road-users as to what had occurred, but facts were few.

The Review was interesting in finding out what had happened, but was getting nowhere until we met with a gentleman who had witnessed the entire thing.

While preferring to remain anonymous, he told us that at about 11am on Wednesday, his attention had been caught by a loud noise from that corner.

A tractor, with what he said looked like a grain-type trailer, was in the vicinity, and it appeared to him that it had been responsible for the noise.

He tells us that the tractor then continued across the bridge toward Rossie Island.

A spokesperson for Angus Council told us: “The driver of the farm vehicle which caused the accidental damage to the railings has contacted us and will be paying for the repairs.

“The railings will be reinstated in due course but, as they require to be specially made, we can’t give a timescale for this to be done.”

So despite initial fears that the bridge had been the victim of a hit-and-run incident, everything has been done properly and according to the book.

Large vehicles turning on to the bridge from Wharf Street need to take a fairly wide sweep to make the turn safely, a fact not always appreciated by cars on the bridge.