Not the way to deal with gulls

WE received a distressing letter from a reader, who was shocked by an attack she had witnessed.

She wrote: “I have just had the misfortune to witness two boys aged about 10 and 12 attack a young seagull.

“‘Who cares?’ the vast majority of people would say, well I do!”

She continued: “This was a very young bird which could not fly. It was obviously in distress and trying desperately to escape.

“Those boys laughed as they picked up stones to throw at it.

“Worse was to come when they got sticks and cornered it. They had great fun.

“Have we become so hate-filled of seagulls that we forget that they are still part of our wildlife, a living, breathing creature?”

The lady concluded: “I know I would definitely live next door to a colony of seagulls than anywhere near those two boys!”

The Review adds its revulsion to our reader’s, and emphasises that whilst it reflects many readers’ anti-gull views, it regards such behaviour as unacceptable and abhorrent.