Not the worst hit by Tuesday’s gales

DESPITE many tree branches being blown down overnight between Monday and yesterday, Montrose seems to have got off relatively lightly from the well-forecast gales, compared to other parts of the country.

The Mid Links had numerous casualties as the strong winds took a hold of limbs still in full leaf.

Many streets had carpets of leaves and twigs, often blown towards the gutters.

Having said that, one of the more difficult tasks yesterday morning was actually to get to Montrose from the Forfar direction.

Reaching the Kinnell Crossroads on the Arbroath to Brechin road, motorists at 7am found that both the Montrose and Brechin roads had ‘closed’ signs firmly anchored to the ground.

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes had to turn as the drivers made a decision as to the best Plan B to reach their destinations.

In the event, travelling through Glasterlaw to the coastal A92 road proved successful.