Optician’s most unusual request

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A LOCAL optician is still a little bemused after the most bizarre question ever asked.

Specsavers’ store director Bridgeen Johnston told the Review: “A few weeks ago a patient who had received eye drops telephoned to ask if it was possible to give the eye drops to her snake.

“We advised the caller against the use of eye drops, and suggested they might want to keep them for their own eyes and contact the vet for help for their snake.

“The member of staff who took the call was very surprised, and I can certainly say it’s one of the most memorable moments we’ve ever had.”

The store is about to celebrate a major milestone, however.

Bridgeen explained: “We’re just a few dozen customers away from welcoming our 20,000th patient and eagerly counting down until we hit that all important figure, with a special prize of a free pairs of specs for the lucky customer.

“Since we welcomed the first patient in 2003, the store has grown, with the team expanding from six to 17.”