Old pool a white elephant?

THE NEW swimming pool at Montrose is up and running, and is clearly highly popular.

But there remains a question over the fate of the 50-year-old former pool building in The Mall.

The Review has been told that there was no provision made for the demolition of the building when the budget for the new pool was drawn up by a former Angus Council administration.

Montrose Councillor Bill Duff has asked the Director of Neighbourhood Services, Ron Ashton, what provision was made for the cost of adapting or demolishing the old pool.

Mr Ashton replied that there are no current plans for the old pool but it was being looked into.

He added: “Whatever the options are, it’s going to be costly.”

And another councillor, Iain Gaul, asked if any money was set aside in the current budget for the pool’s disposal.

Again, the answer was in the negative.

It had been suggested to the Review that the land the old pool is built on does not belong to Angus Council, and that it may have to be restored to its condition 50 years ago before the pool was built.

But our investigations have shown that this is not the case.

In fact the land was compulsorily purchased for the building of the pool.

• Last week we reported complaints about booking times at the new pool, and Angus Council has responded: “The council apologises for any inconvenience caused to customers. The new facilities are in great demand for public, private and school use and we have had a few teething issues with bookings arrangements. Advance notice of any changes in the timetable will in future be issued earlier, on-site, in the press and on the Angus Leisure Facebook page, www.facebook.com/angusleisure where customers can get up to date information about events, classes and any changes to timetables.”