One step further to a cinema in Montrose

Montrose is one step closer to having a cinema as the first stage of turning the town’s former swimming pool into a playhouse has been accepted.

The Montrose Playhouse Project sent in an application, known as a community asset Transfer (CAT), to Angus Council in October to turn the old pool, on The Mall, into a three screen cinema. This has now been accepted by the local authority.

The community group now have six weeks to provide proof of local support and submit it to the council for the second stage of the CTA.

They will be submitting a survey which around 1,500 people filled in, with 98 per cent of people saying they would use the cinema.

Trevor Eakin (43), project coordinator, said: “We would like to thank everyone who filled in the survey. We wouldn’t be at this stage without their support.”

After the proof of support is submitted, Angus Council will have four weeks to make a decision as to whether to take the CTA to the third stage.

Members of Montrose Playhouse Project travelled to Aberfeldy at the weekend to see the community run Friends of the Birk Cinema.

Mr Eakin, Graham Crescent, said: “It was an absolutely wonderful trip. The Friends of Birk were so helpful.

“It proved that it is possible. Aberfeldy only has a population of around 2,000 and we worked out that Montrose has a catchment area with a population of around 60,000. So if they can do it in Aberfeldy, we can do it in Montrose.

“We saw what kind of space they have and how they put on films, as well as the space they have for conference rooms and other activities, which we want to bring to Montrose. They talked about and gave us a four-page leaflet on the lessons they learnt and pitfalls to avoid, and our architect was able to talk to their’s.”