Only part of problem addressed

NIGEL Don MSP is trying to ensure that focus on the dangers of the A90 at Laurencekirk concentrates on the Marykirk junction.

He has released traffic information gathered by local activists which reveals the risks created by the current junctions on the A90. Mr Don, who represents Angus North and Mearns, said: “While I am grateful for the new slip road on the northern junction, this only addresses one part of the problem.

“The biggest issue is the crossing of the A90 by heavy traffic coming from Marykirk and elsewhere. This survey shows why the current arrangements are unsafe. Although there is a 50 mph speed limit in place, I am told that 3,000 vehicles a day fail to respect it.”

The survey, compiled by activists from Villages in Control, claims that three heavy haulage companies and two bus companies are based in Laurencekirk. These large vehicles have to cross the A90, and the survey notes that 75 per cent of destinations involve crossing four lanes to turn to the east and south.

The most serious concern highlighted by the survey is that 22 buses carrying children cross the A90 daily. Another bus service makes 20 crossings per day loaded with passengers. There are 38 crossings by local heavy haulage vehicles each day.

Using official figures, Villages in Control also calculated that 3,000 vehicles per day pass the Marykirk junction at speeds in excess of 50 mph.

Mr Don said: “I have passed the figures from Villages in Control to Scottish Government Ministers for further analysis. Laurencekirk is, as the authors of the survey rightly say, a heavy transport hub, and I have no doubt that if a flyover existed, buses and lorries would use that rather than risk accidents by crossing at ground level.”

Mr Don has also supplied the figures to the Public Petitions Committee, which is due to consider the Laurencekirk issue again in the near future. Petition PE1236 calls on the Scottish Parliament “to urge the Scottish Government to improve safety measures on the A90 by constructing a grade separated junction where the A937 crosses the A90 at Laurencekirk.”