Our website full of Christmas cheer - at no extra cost to you!

IF YOU go to our new festive website http://www.montrosereview.co.uk/christmas/ you will find a great assortment of festive fun, ideas and recipes.

In our website magazine there are recipes for treats for kids, not to mention ‘Ramsay’s Perfect Christmas Dinner’.

There are features such as Christmas with the stars, and there’s a Christmas quiz that will separate the Scrooges from the jolly jovial gents.

Here’s a sample from the web magazine of how to keep Christmas stress at bay:

Keep Calm And Carry On!

Follow these five top tips for a relaxing shopping experience:

1 - Give yourself a break – take time out to have a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. You need the energy.

2 - Hit the shops with a friend who loves a good laugh. When that shop assistant snaps at you, you’ll see the funny side.

3 - Close your eyes and take a deep breath, you’ll feel much better. Just make sure you don’t do it on a busy high street or you might trip over somebody.

4 - Don’t be too ambitious. Limit yourself to a two-hour trip and do as much as you can.

5 - Remember – it’s Christmas! Hum a few carols and you’ll feel much better.