Pain-management course set to start in Montrose

A free self-management course aiming to improve quality of life for people living with chronic pain is due to start in Montrose in August.

The eight-week course will be delivered by Pain Association Scotland on behalf of Angus Community Health Partnership (CHP).

The course is available for anyone living with chronic pain, regardless of the cause, who would like to find out what they can do to self-manage their pain more effectively.

The course runs once a week for eight weeks and the aim is to improve people’s understanding of pain and give them the skills to better manage their health.

Rhona Guild, Primary Care Manager, Angus Community Health Partnership, explained: “The course is suitable for those who are at an early stage of their chronic pain journey, as well those who may have lived with their pain for many years, but have not previously accessed this self-management support programme.

“Motivation to manage their pain better is probably the most important factor in determining a participant’s successful engagement in this programme.”

Those on the course will be invited to an initial introductory two and a half hour session, which can be followed up by a further seven sessions.

Previous participants have found that they got the maximum gain from attending the full course.

During each two and a half hour session, a range of topics will be discussed; including understanding pain and its impact on life, stress management, pacing skills, dealing with pain flare-ups, relaxation skills and understanding medication.

Rhona Guild continued: “Designed to be very relaxed, the course encourages friendly, interactive participation from members, with questions and answer sessions and informal discussion groups.

“More importantly, it brings together people who are experiencing similar symptoms, giving them the opportunity to hear how others are coping with their pain.

“Self-management is an important approach to health that explores the things that you can do to improve the quality of your life despite a painful condition.

“It is not a replacement for medicine and doesn’t provide direct pain relief, however, it helps lots of people to cope better with a difficult situation. Improved self-management of their condition can make an enormous difference to people’s lives and these afternoon sessions offer short, intense training in the self-management approach to chronic pain. Feedback from others who have completed the course has been very positive.

“They reported that they coped better with their pain and felt much more positive about their ability to cope when their pain flared up.

It has also had a positive impact on their relationships and their general quality of life.”

So, if you are aged 18 or over and live in Angus and would like to manage your pain more effectively, then this self-management course may be for you.

For more information, to book a place on the course or to find out about assistance with transport to attend call the Primary Care Team on 01307 474889 or email