Party volume misery

STATISTICS show that complaints in Angus about noisy neighbours are falling - but there are still too many instances of this happening.

Over the year 2009/10 3,137 complaints were made to Angus Council, and the next year there were 2,846.

Figures are not yet to hand for the festive season past, but inevitably thoughtless behaviour by some will have caused misery for many.

Dundee and Angus Community Mediation Services have had hundreds of neighbour complaints in the past year, and around half are concerned with noise.

Services manager Carolyn Jones says that the use of laminate floors instead of carpets is one way in which noise can be transmitted.

Angus Council says the complaints it receives include noisy parties, loud music, blaring televisions, banging doors and barking dogs.

Another problem that has surfaced over recent years involves young tenants in an area that has been traditionally dwelt in by the elderly, and who regards their freedom as a licence to party.

Councils’ hands are tied, as legislation obliges them to fill empty property with whoever is highest on their waiting list, irrespective of their suitability for the area.

Gone are the days when a local councillor, and here one thinks of the late Mrs Isobel McLellan as a shining example, could simply tell the director of housing who was acceptable in an area.

Carolyn Jones implores people to think before doing anything that their neighbours might find noisy, and to keep them informed if a party is planned.

And if there is a problem, complaints can be made to Angus Council’s ACCESS office, Town House, High Street, 01674 673280.

Or for a serious disturbance like a fight, call 999.