Past disasters need funds


PASSING through Montrose by cycle on Thursday was Imam Qasim Ahmad, founder of the Al-Khair Foundation, pedalling from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

Imam Qasim is raising awareness of the fact that although many months have passed since the Haiti, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Japan disasters, funds are still urgently required to provide even the most basic necessities of life.

For example, a year after the Pakistan floods, six million victims are still homeless.

The route chosen is far from a straight line, and numerous towns and cities are being visited by Imam Qasim, whose aim is to raise £1 million during his marathon. He hopes to complete his effort on July 30.

He told the Review that in Aberdeen he had collected £10,000.

The Imam is being accompanied by a film crew from Sky 826 Iqra TV, and his journey is being broadcast by that channel.

Those whose sets are tuned to Sky 826 may even see the Review speaking to the Imam!