PDSA appeal for ‘recycled’ goods

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Pet charity People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), is looking at National Recycle Week as a way of increasing its stock.

A spokesman told the Review: “What’s that saying about one person’s trash being someone else’s treasure?

The PDSA is appealing to the Montrose Review’s animal-loving readers to look again at old, half-forgotten items and donate them to help sick and injured pets during Recycle Week, which runs until Sunday (June 23).”

He continued: “Used stamps, spent printer cartridges, old mobile phones and foreign coins – currently gathering dust in homes and offices – can gain a new lease of life with PDSA.

“ Clothing and unwanted gifts are also welcome donations to PDSA stores nationwide.

“By recycling all of these items, the charity’s friends and supporters can help raise funds to help more pets in need of vets in your community. “

Recycling everyday items such as mobile phones and ink cartridges is a popular way for companies, schools and offices to get involved.

Holding a mobile phone amnesty could be one way to get all those redundant mobiles out of dusty boxes and off to the recycling company!

PDSA – the UK’s leading veterinary charity – receives no government funding and relies entirely on public generosity to support its charitable veterinary service.

If any readers want to find out how a small act of generosity can make a big difference to poorly pets they can visit: www.pdsa.org.uk

For more information or to request a recycling envelope call FREE 0800 508 8323 or e-mail fund-raising@pdsa.org.uk

The Montrose PDSA shop can be found at 2 High Street, Montrose, DD10 8JL .

The telephone number is 01674 673276 and staff will be pleased to accept donations.