Peace breaks out in Hillside

DURING the August meeting of Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council, great concern was expressed about both the area around the Hillside Hotel, and reported aspects of the conduct of the hotel.

However, when the community council met again on Wednesday, there was unanimous praise for the news that there is a new landlord, who is respected and trusted by all present.

Chairman Mrs Kittie Ritchie said that although she had been tasked with writing letters to various regulatory bodies, upon hearing of the change at the hotel she had delayed doing so in order to give the new man a clean slate.

This was unanimously approved.

However, there remains a problem in the area, which does not immediately appear to be connected with the running of the hotel.

Children have been playing football in a nearby cul-de-sac, and members were concerned for their safety, in view of the proximity to the main road and the aiming of footballs being an inexact science.

It was alleged there had been an element of ‘verbals’ from the youngsters towards a resident.

The community council felt that this was a matter which would be resolved with a few quiet words in a few ears, and agreed to leave it there.

l In a follow-up discussion to previous complaints about speeding vehicles in the area of Westmount Cottages, it was reported that police had conducted a speed check and found that the average speed was 43.9 mph. The national speed limit of 60 mph applies.

Police, who have also met Angus Council roads officials, felt that when the limit becomes 30, existing deterrents are sufficient, so no further action is recommended.

It was recognised that there will still be the occasional speedster, particularly downhill.