Peaceful protest at Curlie Pond

The protesters at the Curlie Pond.
The protesters at the Curlie Pond.

DESPITE the freezing conditions, several parents and their children turned up at short notice today (Friday) at the Curlie Pond to take part in a peaceful protest.

They are horrified by Angus Council’s proposal not to replace play equipment which is in poor condition from playparks that are not hugely used.

There is an Angus-wide campaign of peaceful protests against the removal of play equipment.

At the protest were community council chairman Tommy Stewart, and mothers Katriona Edwards, Aileen Fraser and Louise Lawless, with five youngsters who will greatly miss the parks that might be grassed over.

Louise told the Review that she wondered if there was a significance in the fact that the closures were announced at the start of the winter, when fewer people would be using the playparks than on a hot summer day.

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