People in Montrose ignoring Angus Council recycling scheme

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Probably the least desirable consequence of Angus Council’s new recycling bins has been the uncovering of people who are determined not to make the scheme work, and are acting in as anti-social a way as they can.

There appears to have been a serious problem at flats in King Street, where communal recycling bins have been used, willy-nilly, for all sorts of unsorted waste.

The inevitable consequence is that the refuse collectors have followed instructions and not emptied the bins.

And more and more unsorted items have been dumped in the bin area, beside the overflowing bins. In addition, everyone else’s bins are having unsorted waste put in them.

The Review was spoken to by residents of the flats, to see if we could promote some sort of action.

They are alarmed about the potential for vermin and smell.

It was alleged that warning notices from Angus Council have been ripped up, disabled people are having difficulty gaining access to bins and even stairs - and the rubbish includes needles and methadone bottles.

The inference is that even if Angus Council do a one-off clean-up, the problem will arise again.

Both Police and Angus Council had been made aware of the problem, but a solution looks a long way away.

However, and Angus Council spokeswoman offered a glimmer of hope.

She said: “We have arranged to give each tenant at this location a small black bin so there is no reason for tenants to share bins.

“We have also arranged for the debris at the bottom of the stairs to be cleared.

“We take antisocial behaviour in our properties very seriously and work with tenants to resolve any concerns.”